Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Crazy Day at Galveston.

Last week my sister and my parents were going to stay a few night in Galveston so Jeremy and I decided to go and spend the day shopping and swimming at the beach. When we got to the Strand Jeremy and I started getting everyone out of the car, as I pulled out the stroller Jeremy told me that we did not need a stroller. In my mind I was like...what! are you crazy going shopping with 3 kids and not having one of them tied down. But I was trying to be a submissive wife and go with it but inside I was going crazy. First we started the day out with ice cream, it was 10am but we were hungry. After we ate ice cream we heading over to my favorite store, Gracie's. As we entered the store, all I could think about was, I wish I had my stroller....Emily wanted to touch everything. She is just at that age and I wanted to shopping. I could spend 30 minutes in that little store but we were in and out in about 5 minutes. We usually go in 10 stores but we were done and tired. I felt like I had been shopping for 5 hours. Then we met up with my parents at Hotel Galvez and then off to Rainforest Cafe.

Ice Cream at La Kings is our favorite

Ansley sharing her ice cream with Emily

My dad with Ansley at the Rainforest Cafe

My mom, dad and Ansley

After we went to lunch everyone we swimming at the beach. I had to go to the hotel room and feed Cody and by the time I finished they were all done swimming because of the rain. About the time everyone got back to the hotel, at cleared up and we went swimming at the pool.

Hotel Galvez almost 100 years old

Off to the pool.

My sister Tara

Cody loves the airplane noise that I make with my mouth.

My parents, Tara, Meg, Cade, Ansley and Cody

Thanks Meg for my new goggles ~ Ansley

When we were at the pool I decide to go back to the car and get my camera. When I got back to the car I looked inside and my stroller was missing. My first thought was my camera was on my stroller and now it is not in the car. A few hours earlier Jeremy had taken the girls back to the car and went to the restaurant as I waited for my parents at the hotel. It turns out that after Jeremy loaded the car he drove off and left my stroller on the grass next to the hotel on a main road. I was sick to my stomach, so I went straight up to the hotel to see if my stroller was found. It was there, someone had turned it in, I was shocked but my camera was not there. I started to cry, I know it sounds silly but I love taking pictures and waited a long time to get my nice camera. I knew I would not be able to get another one like it. The rest of the time that we were there, I was so sad and upset with Jeremy. I know he did not mean it but I was still really upset. We were all praying for a miracle that someone would turn it in. Well, that evening as Jeremy and I were loading up the car my nephews ran up and said that they might have my camera. It was there, the security officer had locked it up. I was so happy. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cody 3 Months

Cody loves smiling at the girls. They can always make him smile.
rolls, rolls and more rolls.

Cody ~ you are such a joy to me during this crazy time. With 3 kids 3 and under things are pretty crazy all the time. When I am holding you and feeding you, I feel relaxed for once during the day. I love that special time with you. If I start talking you stop eating, look up at me and smile. I love it. You are getting bigger and bigger. You hair is starting to look blond to me. I can't get over how much you look like Ansley when she was your age. You are such an easy baby. You sleep 12 hours at night and nap all through out the day. I love you!

Pictures of Ansley and Emily at 3 months old

Emily Grace

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Poor Cody

Poor Cody is at the mercy of his sisters. Emily really wanted to hold Cody last night. Usually she holds him for less than a second and then pushes him off but last night she really enjoyed it. I ended up having to take Cody from Emily after she was putting him in a head lock. Today Ansley wanted to take care of Cody all by herself. She told me "don't pick him up mommy, I will help him" She went and got him new clothes and his passy. Then she changed his diaper for me but not before asking my if it was a dirty diaper. She has her limitations I guess.

Lake House Trip # 2 (Kate's Birthday)

Happy Birthday Kate
Cayden and Ansley swimming

Emily does not like the water too much. She wants to make sure I am close by wherever she is. If I am floating, she wants to be laying on me. If I am sitting on the dock, she wants to be sitting on my lap.

Ansley finally wanted to go on the jet ski. Peer pressure from Cayden, I guess. Then about 3o minutes later Emily wanted to go too. After that it was over...Jet Ski, Jet Ski was all I heard for the next 4 days.

Nana and Papa with Brinley and Cody

My sweet Boy with Aunt Christy

Cayden never forgets to give Cody some cousin love

Cousin Jake with Brinley and Cody
Jake was so worried that Cody was going to spit up on him. It was really funny.

Cody's all time favorite toy

The weekend was for Kate's 20th Birthday but I think that Mack and Barb brought more gifts for the kids then Kate had. The first night we were there Aunt Barb got all the kids presents. Then the second night Uncle Mack brought out tons of gifts from Hawaii. He was delayed a day in Hawaii so I guess he got bored, if you can do that.

Ansley with her first fishing rod. She caught 9 fish over the weekend but I never caught one on camera.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ansley Girl ~ You are such a joy to my life. You make me laugh everyday. You love to make others laugh as well. When you first meet someone it takes you a really long time to get comfortable but once you do you love to show off. You love to dance, change your clothes and make silly faces. I wonder all the time what you will want to be when you grow up because you just love making people laugh. You change about 4 or 5 times a day, you are becoming so independent. Oh, and I almost forgot, you paint your nails everyday. All by yourself and you are becoming really good at it. Sometimes you will walk up to me and smile really sweet and then I will realize that you are showing me that you found my makeup and put on some of my lipstick.
You are definitely a mamma's girl. You love your daddy so much but in the morning I am the only one you want. Every morning you wake up and ask for me to get out of bed and make you chocolate milk and every morning I ask you to get in bed with me to snuggle but you want me to get up. Thank you being such a wonderful daughter and telling me that you love me all the time. I love you Princess P.